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  • For most MLM distributors, building a successful down-line organization and reaching their income goals can be a confusing and daunting task. Every distributor comes to the MLM opportunity with different backgrounds, skills, and experience levels. A “one size fits all” approach to success coaching is destined to fail for most. Pointway uses Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to deliver a daily, personalized, data-driven task list to each user's smart phone that is their map to achieving their own dreams and goals.

  • Distributors need a clearly marked path to help them reach their goals. That path can be different for each individual, depending on who they are, what they know and how much time they have to devote. But every successful business builder needs to become a product expert, stay completely engaged, and have quick access to critical information. That's exactly what the Pointway app delivers for every distributor.

  • With Pointway, every distributor has the real opportunity to achieve life-changing income.Our proprietary and powerful Prescriptive Analytics engine, combined with a mobile video content platform, delivers each distributor the individualized daily motivation, product and skills training, plus a list of prioritized action-items that will guide them to unprecedented levels of success.

Empower your distributors with the #1 productivity app.

Great people build great companies. But people aren’t born great; they are made great through personal desire and capitalizing on new opportunities, if they have the desire and are given real opportunities. That’s where Pointway comes into play—bringing distributors to a whole new level of greatness through its proprietary productivity app. Because let’s face it, no matter how great your product is, the ultimate success of your company hinges on having people with the knowledge, skills, and passion to produce extraordinary results. Pointway’s productivity app creates a fun, engaging way to ensure all of the people in your organization—not just a select few—are empowered to achieve greatness.

Your distributors will enjoy watching our training modules every single day.

Our approach to building training modules is simple: to teach powerful concepts in a way that can be easily retained. We create 2-4 minute training modules that ensure your distributors will not only enjoy what they see, but also learn invaluable skills. Sometimes the approach is direct, other times through storytelling; but in each case it's done in a way to engage the viewer—even entertain. We do this because knowledge is retained when it is connected to positive emotions. We create an environment where those positive emotions can be connected to their own drive to succeed, improving their personal performance and overall success.

Your distributors can accomplish more while on the move or during breaks.

We live in a mobile world; we're all on the go. That’s why it’s vital to make everything as intuitive and accessible as possible for your distributors (especially when it comes to training and goal-oriented tasking). Otherwise, let's face it: they won't do it. Pointway’s productivity app enables them to quickly access 2 to 4 minute training modules, create and complete tasks, and keep them moving down their personal path to success via any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Whether on a lunch break, sitting in the car waiting to pick up the kids, or during any other free time they have, this in their hands. That's the power and convenience of Pointway’s productivity app—with them, always.

Your distributors can set goals and track their progress with our point system leaderboard.

An exciting feature of Pointway’s productivity app is the ability for the distributors to track their progress in an individual, personalized way. Each day, distributors will be given specific tasks in order to reach their specific goals. So what John sees will not be what Marry sees. But in every case, the tasks will be tracked—and success will be measured via a point system leaderboard. After all, where there is accountability, there is action. And success only comes from action—the right action . . . the things needed to be successful. The things needed for that particular distributor to be successful. Pointway gets them there.